SLT By-Laws

P.S. 149, Danny Kaye School
700 Sutter Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11207


Community School District/Superintendent: District 19


School Telephone Number: (718) 688-7620
School Fax Number: (718) 688-7645

Principal: Yvette Donald


                                                              S L T     B Y - L A W S


The mission the School Leadership Team of Danny Kaye, P.S. 149 is to use qualitative and quantitative data to inform instructional, pedagogical and social-emotional decisions at the school, including setting goals and aligning resources to support stated goals. Under the guidelines of the DOE, the team will focus on the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and monitor the components aligned with those objectives.


     Reach Outstanding Achievements and Results for each student, every day!


The Danny Kaye School PS 149 School, including faculty, staff, scholars, families and community members, work collaboratively to provide rigorous curricula and meaningful experiences in a safe, nurturing environment that prepares students to achieve excellence.


    Section I   Size of Team

   The total number of members shall be ten (10).  The team shall maintain an equal number of parent and staff members, 5 staff,

   5 parents.


Section II   Mandatory Members


The only three mandatory members of the SLT are the school’s principal, the Parent –Teacher Association (PTA) President and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Chapter Leader.  Mandatory members of the SLT may designate another member of their constituent group to serve in their stead.


Section III   Members at Large


The remaining members of the team shall consist of: four (4) elected parent members

   Specific members and/or guests may be invited to meetings, at the discretion of the Chairperson, to discuss specific topics, but 

   are not permitted vote.
   Observers: Any staff, parent or community member, Community Board Organization and district member is permitted to     

   attend Leadership Team meetings as an observer and may participate in discussions at the discretion of the Team members.  


Section IV - Selection Election Guidelines

Selection Guidelines:

Staff: There are two permanent mandated seats on the Leadership Team: Principal and UFT chairperson. In addition, there are three (2) elected staff members.

Parent: There is one permanent, mandated seat of the Leadership Team: PTA President, or his/her duly appointed representative, and four (4) elected parents will comprise the parent members of the Leadership Team. The PTA President's
duly appointed representative will have full membership rights.

Election Guidelines:

Three seats may be allotted to UFT members and one seat may go to another constituency of the staff. In the event a constituency chooses not to participate, then that slot may go to a UFT member.

Staff: A memo will be sent to all staff advising them of the upcoming SLTelection, the duties, and requirements and soliciting the candidacy to run for the position. Candidates will be posted in the general office. Election will take place by secret ballot. A list of the rating results will be posted in room 102. The Leadership Team must maintain a copy of the result. The candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected. In the event of a tie; a run-off
will be held between the candidates in question.

Parents: Solicitation of candidates for the SL T ballot will be done by a flyer and sent home prior to the April PTA meeting, also distributed at the April meeting.  Candidates must be members in good standing with the PTA and will submit their
to be on the SLT ballot, along with a brief biography. Elections will then take place by secret ballot, after the PTA elections, at the May meeting where they will be tallied. The PTA must maintain a list of candidates and the number
of votes received in descending order. A copy of this list must be maintained by the Leadership Team. The candidates with the highest vote tallies will be elected. 

In the event of a tie, a run-off election will immediately be held between the candidates in question. If an election is not held by June, the next election will be conducted in September of the next school year.


Section V       Replacement process:

If an elected member is unable to fulfill his/her length of service, the member
should submit a written notice of resignation to the Chairperson. Then an
emergency election will take place to fulfill the term of this member. Within (10) ten days, a notice will be sent to the effected soliciting candidates to fill the remainder of the term. Candidates will submit a letter of interest within five days of the notice. Ballots wi
ll be prepared within five days. Elections will take place at a special meeting or the next SLT meeting.



Section VI         Removal from Office: 

If a member is uncooperative with the Leadership Team, (s) he can be removed by a "Yeah" vote % of the other members of the team. If a member is absent (2) two per schedule meetings, there will be a discussion with that member and the rest of the SL T. A written warning will be issued following discussion, member may be removed. *(The absences don't have to be consecutive.)

Length of Services:

Members appointed in permanent positions of the Leadership Team will-serve continuously as long as they remain in their school assignment. All elected members will serve for a term of (2) two years.

Members who have been removed from office, resigned, or serve/their 2 year term must wait one year before applying.




Section I      Roles and Responsibilities



At the first meeting of the Leadership Team, a chairperson will be selected by consensus to serve for 2) years.                                                  .

Presides 'over-all of the meetings
Serves as Chair of the meetings
Enforces the by-laws
Maintains a sense of the group's decision
Decides Co-Chairperson
Performs the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence. .
Calls meeting to order.
Adjourn Meetings
Performs the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence. .
Calls meeting to order.
Adjourn Meetings
Recording Secretary:
Records and reads the minutes of all meetings
Notifies all members of committee meeting in writing
Minutes composed by the team will be posted on Main Floor( Main Office).


Assistant Recording Secretary:

 Performs the duties of the Recording Secretary in his/her absence
 Records all attendance at meetings.
 Posts meeting notices on School Leadership Team's bulletin board and school calendar.

Time Keeper:

 Proposes the various time limits for agenda items
 Insures that all members adhere to time limits

Section II       Subcommittee Task Forces:

Special Committees will be established to address school concerns and activities, as a need arises.  A sub-committee Chairperson will be assigned from the members of the School Leadership Team at that time.

Membership to all committees will be on a voluntary basis.

Membership of the subcommittees may be expanded beyond the Team as needed.  

School staff will be notified of date and time of meetings, at which time staff can
bring concerns to any subcommittee member.

Decisions made by subcommittees will be distributed to Team members before

next scheduled meetings.                                                     .



Goal of the first meeting, by consensus, the Leadership Team will be to set the date and time of the next meeting. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.  The date and time of the meetings will be placed on the SLT bulletin board and the PTA bulletin board.  If any deviation from the regular meeting is necessary, a separate notice will be
posted on the SLT bulletin board and the PTA bulletin board .
Meetings cannot convene without the Principal/ Principal Designee present.
Chairperson or Principal have authority to re-schedule SLT meeting date and location.



Section I         Rules are established by a minimum of 1 parent and 2 staff members, with chair supervising fair implementation of


Section II        If a member is absent (2) meetings, without prior notification, that member's continued membership would

                        be discussed with the team members and the member (See Section V) Removal from Office).


Section III       A quorum is established with (4) four members present: (2) two staff and (2) parents. All members are entitled to one vote. However, if there is an unequal number of members present (5 staff members ~ 4 parents) and a vote count result in a 5-4 decision, then there must be a new balanced vote with only (3) members voting (2 staff - 1 parent). The balanced vote rule does not apply when voting to remove a member.

Section IV       Minutes will be recorded at each meeting, typed, and posted in the-Main Office,
PTA room, and the Annex.

Section V         Agenda will be set at the end of each meeting.

Section VI        Order of Business

                           The meeting is "called to order" by the co-chair. 
                           The minutes of the preceding meeting are read   Minutes may be approved as read or may be approved with
                           additions or corrections
                           Committees will present their reports for discussion (when necessary)
                           Old Business - discussion and voting
                            New Business
                            Set agenda for next meeting


When possible, most decision by the Leadership Team will be by consensus unless a voting action is required.


Any team member can propose amendments to the Bylaws. If it becomes necessary to amend the Bylaws, a team member must make a written proposal to be presented to the Chairperson of the Leadership Team, who then presents it to SLT. The SLT, by a 2/3 vote, decides whether to consider the proposal. The 2/3 vote is necessary for Bylaws to be amended.


Minutes will be publicly posted in the Main Office, PTA room and Annex,  If needed, necessary, notices and/or letters will be sent to parents and notices and/or possibly flyers posted in the community regarding items decided upon by SLT. The Principal must agree and approve what and how communication is made to school community at large.



                         The Principal retains both the authority and the responsibility for implementing decision-making, and for                                                managing the day-to-day operation of our school. When possible, the Principal will consult the Leadership Team;                                however, the Principal has the authority to act on behalf of the team at any time and will report to the Team at the                                  next meeting what action(s) has been taken.