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October 2021

SLT Meeting – 10/ 12/21

Focus: Minutes

The PTA president resigns. Co-president, Ms. Vasquez, is our president. Everyone welcomed and cheered her new role.


 1st meeting will be end of Oct ( 1st official meeting )

 Ms. Barrett wanted to know if there was a date in mind. Ms. White informed her that it was Oct 26.

 Ms. Ragland replied 4: 04 5 pm. Ms. Darlington joined the meeting at this point. Ms. Barrett provided her the information she missed as a result of joining late.


Ms. Vosges joined us and spoke on behalf of Ms. Donald. At the start Ms. Vosges inquired if all members had the agenda.

Roles were defined:

 Chair=person starts and ends each meeting.

 Secretary takes notes and shares information will all members

 Time Keeper: Makes sure the meeting is on time.

 Chair-Person: the secretary is Ms. Thompson & the Time Keeper is Ms. Darlington

Updates & protocols

 Separate for upper and lower grades, k-2 is the Vermont side, and grades 3-5 on the Wyonna side.

 Vermont Side- we identify daycare providers picking up students so we can be sure they are on the approval list to take them off school property.

 By-laws- sending out this school year for each person to review.

After-School: several programs running

 Pre- to K- in progress, and now assessing academic intervention ( Oct 4th )

 Bridge the gap- started on Oct 4th, and Herstory will begin on Oct 16th


 Wit & wisdom- ELA & math is Eureka

 Looking for foundations in lower grades & grades 3 to 5

 Amplified- Science, Art is Ms. Kennedy (looking for more Arts for K-5)

 Assessments: K- 5 NWEA and the lower grades foundational skills

 Acadience online learning- assessing going on for K-2

October Activities Day:

 Dress up- 10/28/21…. Character Day

 Every Friday….. PS 149 go Pink! In celebration of supporting women with breast cancer ( donation given to Ms. White )

 Nov 6th- harvest Fair ( make it a school wide event ) reach out to Ms. White or Ms. Vosges

Next meeting- 3rd Thursday of month- 11/ 18/21 @ 3:00 pm

Done by Ms. Thompson